Rice as an Electronics Drying Agent

Drying out a bike computer with rice

During the Bike Around the Bay a while back my iSport bike computer got so wet from the driving rain that there was actually water floating inside the computer. Theoretically, the computer is water resistant, but there’s a small port on the front of the computer for gathering wind and temperature data, so the computer body is not completely sealed. When it rains heavily, water can get inside.

I read somewhere that if you place damp electronics inside a bag full of rice, the rice will absorb the moisture from the electronic device, and the device may start working again. I tried this with my bike computer and the rice worked like a champ. Since then, I’ve been caught in a couple of other hard rainstorms that had the same result, a wet bike computer that wasn’t working correctly. The rice trick worked perfectly in both cases. Of course, it would be better if the computer didn’t get soaked in a rainstorm, but it’s nice to know there’s an easy way to fix the problem if it does occur.